Embrace Your Natural Beauty Campaign


The Embrace Your Natural Beauty Campaign with Novex photo shoot happened this past July and from from personal experience, this was truly one of the most sincere shoots you can think of. Novex is whole-heartedly a brand that sticks to what they believe in, and for that, this photo shoot meant not only a lot to Novex and our loyal customers, but to the models as well. Our hair models and entire beauty team traveled from all over to come together to launch the Embrace Your Natural Beauty Campaign. One special theme for this shoot is how important it is for all women, of all colors, and all types of hair to embrace their natural beauty, which is what this day was all about. Women are one of the most beautiful creatures made on this earth and it’s essential to stay strong, united, and to motivate one another. As our models said during their one-on-one interviews, beauty comes from within. Novex is here to remind you that we want to instill a meaningful memory while our customers enjoy our products.

Each model was introduced to each other and the team on set and were each given a hair product that best suits their hair texture, and possibly a product that they already use. The lovely Curly Edgy, who was one of Novex’s contest winners a few months ago for this shoot, rocked the Novex My Curls products. Considering her hair is full of super tight, golden locks, this was the hair line for her. It’s specifically made to shape and define curls whilst controlling volume and twists.

The other Novex Natural Beauty contest winner, Marissa Hunter, happily modeled the Novex Coconut Oil products. Marissa’s hair is thick and full of natural voluptuous volume thanks to the finest coconut oil and vitamin E product from Novex. It’s meant for undisciplined and damaged hair. You’ll see Marissa’s flawless locks in all of our photos!

Novex’s Brand Ambassador Lauren Wood traveled from across the country to our stomping grounds in New York City to show off her favorite Brazilian Keratin products from Novex. She was able to meet with the rest of our models and give everyone a warm welcome to the team.

Models Shannon J Thornton and Adriana Recchia, as well as myself were able to be a part of the Novex Embrace Your Natural Beauty campaign photo shoot. Taking pictures, making fun videos, outfit changes, hair and makeup is all a part of your ordinary photo shoot. This one went a step further when the Novex team asked each one of us spontaneously what natural beauty meant to us, live, on camera. Why is this such a big deal? It means more to us to keep our moto original and authentic and to have strong women on our team who feel the same way. Everyone had a different yet similar answer. To find out more, stay tuned for behind the scenes shoots and more photos from the Embrace Your Natural Beauty Campaign!

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