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Brazil facilities


Embelleze is a 100% Brazilian Hair Care Company that understands women and creates the best beauty solutions for women from all ethnicities with different life styles and different beauty needs. The Embelleze Group was created by Mr. Itamar Serpa in March 8th 1969 and today is composed by Headquarters in Brazil, Salon Professional, Embelleze International and Beauty School Franchise. With Headquarters located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Embelleze has a very important role in the Brazilian Market as the leader in the following segments: Hair Color with the brand Maxton; Hair Straightening/ Transformation with Hairlife; Hair Treatment with Novex. Embelleze Manufacturing Plant is also located in Rio de Janeiro and has a capacity of producing over 100 million units/monthly, generating about ten thousand direct and indirect jobs. Novex is the most known Brazilian hair care brand worldwide. It can be found in over 40 counties and 6 different languages.


Export Division

Our subsidiaries are strategically located throughout the world to manage current demands and explore new market opportunities. Our global presence has helped distribute Embelleze brands to the consumers around the world. Today, Embelleze and its subsidiaries distribute to more than 23 million consumers around the world. For the past years, Embelleze has emphasized its efforts on the Novex brand awareness through presence at International Beauty Shows such as Beauty World Show in Dubai, Cosmoprof in Bologna, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, which gave opportunity to export its products in more than 37 countries.


Beauty School Franchise

With the Beauty School Institute, we offer people the possibility of learning a new profession, giving them access to career opportunities: as hair stylist, barber, cosmetologist, manicurist, masseuse, esthetician, etc. This successful business model was developed in 1998. Embelleze Institute offers three opportunities in one: beauty school, salon and beauty shop. Today, Embelleze Institute opened its doors to over 350 franchises in Brazil, one franchise in Ecuador and one in Florida, United States.


Salon Division

Professional quality of Embelleze products have been embraced by the hair stylists and beauty experts around the world. Working together with these stylists and experts, Embelleze has developed and improved the results of salon professionals.


  • Novex is the leading brand of value in Brazil with 8.6% of share, ahead of multinational companies. (Source: Nielsen - T. Brazil c / exp Set / Out'14)
  • The brand Novex is among the three best-selling brands, with 12.3% of share by volume. (Source: Nielsen - T. Brazil c / exp Set / Out'14)
  • The brand is present in over 57 countries, including the US, Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and others in Latin America.
  • Maxton is a traditional brand: for over 37 years following the Brazilian woman
  • Also Embelleze is among the leading hair dye manufacturers getting 13.8% market share (Source: Nielsen - T. Brazil c / exp Set / Out'14)
  • Maxton is the 4th best-selling brand of hair dye. (Source: Nielsen - T. Brazil c / exp Set / Out'14).
  • HairLife is the best-selling brand in the category up with 15.3% share.
  • Leading manufacturer in transformation (34.9%), Embelleze and their innovations are targeted to the needs of Brazilian women.
  • Embelleze is a leader in the category of transformation with 34.9%. (T. Brazil - Kantar World Panel T -. Brazil Ago'13 / Set'14 - Share volume).


I have a passion for life. I love to see and understand women in each transformation and stage of their life. I want to create something that they can feel loyal to and I’m not scared of taking risk to innovate. I want to help women all around the world to reach their dreams and embrace natural beauty. I want share with the world the secrets of the Brazilian beauty.

-Itamar Serpa

Embelleze: A Brief Brazilian Story

Since the beginning, the life of Itamar Serpa (CEO and founder of Embelleze ) was surrounded by permanent challenges that only a strong and determined mind could face and solve . Itamar Serpa was born into a very humble family in the inside of Brazil, the oldest of eight children, and worked since a very early age. He moved from a small town to the capital (at that time Rio de Janeiro) and studied hard. Itamar Serpa created in 1969 what would become the greatest genuine Brazilian hair care company and a big international player in the beauty and health industry: Embelleze. Novex gave Embelleze the opportunity to be a hair care big player in Brazil and to have international recognition. Embelleze exports Novex products today to more than 57 countries and is translated in more than six languages. Today Serpa is President of the Embelleze Group and shares his business decisions with his son and right arm Jomar Beltrame (Vice President). The company grew fast with the presence of the founder at each moment of the development process, from the idea to the product in the shelf. When the opportunity came to build a new facility, Itamar Serpa had the idea to make something real and a 100% local Brazilian product. The business is today employing over 1500 employees directly and 10,000 indirectly. After 10 years defending ideas at the National Parliament, Embelleze was calling again, and Mr. Serpa returned full of ideas and projects. He worked seven days a week, 12 months a year, participating, collaborating and developing every single brand and product. Nothing was created without his approval. Nothing was approved until being tested and qualified, passing through the hands of its creator in the greatest hair care lab in Brazil. And in this perfect moment he created Novex Hair Care.