Become part of our squad with Novex beauty blogger program
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Novex has officially launched a new program called Novex Bloggers Partner Program for bloggers who have a passion for reviewing products and spreading the good… or bad but mostly good… news on beauty products, hairstyles and trends. To join is super easy. All you have to do is fill out the form provided below with information regarding your social media accounts and your biggest hair concerns so we know which products will be a best fit to your mane. Please note Novex Public Relations Team will be reviewing your information and contacting you once your collaboration is approved. Novex loves to make our costumers feel beautiful and apart of the click so if you’re a Blogger, Vlogger, Model or Beauty Enthusiastic, come become part of our Bloggers Partner Club. Check out our Novex website to find all information on our products and click send to start your hair care partnership.