Novex Brazilian Keratin

Embelleze’s Novex Brazilian Keratin is what your hair needs this Summer

Brazilians enjoying the Sun by the beach is the usual picture that comes to our minds when we think about the tropical country. Now imagine your hair going through Sun, salt-water and heat along the whole year? That’s when Embelleze’s deep treatments comes to the rescue. Their Novex Brazilian Keratin bulk sized hair masks promise to keep your hair smooth, strong and shiny through the whole Summer, and this is why: it recharges the Keratin, the ingredient that makes up to 90% of your hair structure.

What is a Brazilian Keratin deep conditioning, exactly?

“Keratin protein is the basis of our hair, nails, teeth, and skin and it is produced by our body. This process can slow down as people age and according to their lifestyle. Damage to the external layer of Keratin is what makes your hair look unhealthy,” said Amelia Alves, Embelleze’s product specialist. About 70% – 80% of the Keratin in your hair can be lost because of the Sun and heat from curling and flat irons. Brazilian Keratin serves as food for your hair. Applying Novex Brazilian Keratin can quickly replenish the loss of Keratin and reconstruct the fiber and keeping the external layer moisturized. Whether you have fine, thick, normal or chemically treated, your hair can benefit from the temporary barrier Brazilian Keratin creates.

What's the difference between Keratin Treatment and Novex Brazilian Keratin deep conditioning?

Besides the fact that both carry keratin as on ingredient, Keratin Treatment and Keratin Deep Conditioning are completely different. The first is a chemical procedure that makes hair look straighter for a longer period and it has to be done in a salon. Novex Brazilian Keratin deep conditioning does not change your hair structure. Instead, it hydrates, nourishes and recharge your hair to keep it strong and moisturized. The best part, you can easily do it at home (!).

Is it suitable for all types of hair?


Yes! The collection is indicated for dull and frizzy hair and it can be used in any texture. That’s because diversity is one of the foundations of Embelleze since it’s origin. “We studied the behavior of the Brazilian women since the beginning of the brand. That is how we found out that the secret is diversity,” said Itamar Serpa, founder of the company in Brasil. After more than 50 years in the market, the brand has a portfolio with 500 products, including collections for kids, straight hairs and all textures of curly/kinky hairs.

How often you need to apply the mask and recharge treatment?

Spoiler: It’s a secret but not miracle.

A disciplined hair care routine is just as important as the quality of the products that you use. It doesn’t matter if you put on the best seller Brazilian hair-care deep conditioning brand if you don’t take the time use it regularly, at least each 15 days. To help with that mission, the masks come in different sizes, from bulk (35oz!) to regular (14oz). No excuse to not take care of your crown!


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