What is keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein rich in amino acids that is present in our hair and nails, in fact 85% of the hair is made up of keratinized cells. Keratin Treatment "Without Chemicals" has as main function to restructure and repair the hair strands damaged by the use and abuse of discoloration, dyes and heat tools, giving back vitality, strength and structure.

What are Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

Novex is a fast acting, nutritious deep conditioning system and shower treatment. Infused with oils & vitamins. It's a deep treatment for the hair, capable to repair, restructure, hydrate, nourish, provide strength, growth, as well as shine and silkiness, depending on the assets with which it is combined.

What are the main ingredients in Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

Keratin, ceramides, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, silicone, oils, hydramiel, D-panthenol, minerals, among others.

What are the benefits of Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

Novex has an intensive treatment for each type of hair, treating it specifically by combining it with other vitamins and minerals. Repair the keratin cells by incorporating matter into the cortex and sealing the hair cuticle, leaving you with strong, hydrated, vitalised, loose, silky, frizz-free hair with dazzling shine.

How often should I use Novex Deep Conditioning Masks?

It will depend on the damage of your hair, however it is advisable to use them at least once a week. You must observe the changes that you will get with the product and thus determine if you must rotate the use of the masks according to the needs of your hair.

Do Novex Deep Conditioning Masks have formaldehyde?

Our treatments contain no formaldehyde or other chemicals.


What is your coupon policy? 

We make sure to give our customers great coupons but we also have a few rules..

  • Coupons cannot be added back or removed once purchase has been made.
  • All coupons have an expiration date that is communicated on the website.
  • No coupons can be combined

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Do you offer price adjustments?

We do not offer price adjustments. Our product pricing varies due to our promotions and sales.


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