Nutrisalon HNR Shampoo & Masks Bundle

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Each hair is unique and need some special care.

With this in mind, Nutrisalon has developed the HNR line, which consists of a Hydrating Shampoo and 3 Capillary Chronogram phases:

Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction

This line is designed to restore the vitality, smoothness and shine of your hair for longer.


Cada cabello es único y necesita cuidados especiales.

Con esto en mente, Nutrisalon ha desarrollado la línea HNR, un tratamiento completo que une las tres etapas fundamentales del Programa Capilar:

Hidratación, Nutrición y Reconstrucción.

Esta línea está diseñada para restaurar la vitalidad, suavidad y brillo de tu cabello por más tiempo.


Cada cabelo é único e precisa de um cuidado especial.

Com isso em mente, a Nutrisalon desenvolveu a linha HNR, que consiste em um xampu hidratante e três fases de cronograma capilar:

Hidratação, Nutrição e Reconstrução.

Esta linha foi pensada para recuperar a vitalidade, a suavidade e o brilho dos seus cabelos por mais tempo.


Recommended for

Suitable for hair all hair types

  • Main benefits:

    - Restores hair fiber
    - Provides hair resistance
    - Gives shine and flexibility to hair strands - Repair the hair
    - Maintains hair moisturized
    - Provides intense hydration

    How to

    1. Shampoo the hair twice, massaging the scalp in a circular motion and rinse.
    2. Separate about 30g from your chosen HNR.
    3. Wipe off excess water with a towel, split hair and begin applying the mask to the length and ends by gloving the first to the last strands.

    4. Potentiate the result using a thermal hair cap letting act for 20 minutes. 5. Rinse and finish according to the chosen ritual.

    Tips & Warnings: The next application should follow the order of the schedule chosen for your client or follow the order chosen for your hair type.

    Nutrisalon HNR Shampoo & Masks Bundle

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