Nutrisalon HNR Shampoo & Masks Bundle

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Product Description

Each hair is unique and need some special care.

With this in mind, Nutrisalon has developed the HNR line, which consists of a Hydrating Shampoo and 3 Capillary Chronogram phases:

Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction

This line is designed to restore the vitality, smoothness and shine of your hair for longer.


Recommended for

Suitable for hair all hair types

  • Main benefits:

    - Restores hair fiber
    - Provides hair resistance
    - Gives shine and flexibility to hair strands - Repair the hair
    - Maintains hair moisturized
    - Provides intense hydration

    How to

    1. Shampoo the hair twice, massaging the scalp in a circular motion and rinse.
    2. Separate about 30g from your chosen HNR.
    3. Wipe off excess water with a towel, split hair and begin applying the mask to the length and ends by gloving the first to the last strands.

    4. Potentiate the result using a thermal hair cap letting act for 20 minutes. 5. Rinse and finish according to the chosen ritual.

    Tips & Warnings: The next application should follow the order of the schedule chosen for your client or follow the order chosen for your hair type.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Natalia Ferreira

    Maravilhoso o produto deixa meus cabelos macios e bem hidratados, meus cabelos estavam quebradiços e o cronograma ajudou muito, restaurou a fibra capilar do meu cabelo.

    Lisa Haveron
    I love it

    My hair felt less dry and more healthy switching to Novex.After using this system it keeps my hair moisturized, full of shine,reduction in split ends.

    Rosyane lirio

    Maravilhoso esse kit. Só poderia ser maior o tamanho das máscaras.
    This kit is wonderful. The size of the masks could only be larger.


    I’ve been doing the capillary schedule with my hair. I have to say WOW! Every time I’ve used these, my hair is BEAUTIFUL! So far I’ve noticed that my hair is getting longer and healthier. They smell amazing and it makes your hair so soft and shiny. I love how nice and smooth my hair feels after use. I’ll definitely be buying them again!!! Thank you for creating these wonderful products!

    Patricia Andrade
    The best choice

    Amazing products for my 4a hair. Nutricion is perfect. I need sale this products.

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