How To Reach A Perfect Brazilian Blowout

There is always a day of the week that you wake up and look at the mirror thinking, “Damn, I wish I just had my hair blown out but now it’s too late! Let me buy a dry shampoo!”

It sucks, right? Nobody likes a bad hair day and you shouldn’t either! So us, the Novex Hair Care team wants to give you a step-by-step of how to achieve a perfect Brazilian Blowout in question of minutes.

Read the step by steps below and enjoy the tips from your best Brazilian hair care brand:

1st Step:
 You will need to have your hair washed and clean. We suggest you to wash with Novex Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and to condition with Novex Brazilian Keratin Conditioner. In case yours just needs a quick hair “revival” (no need to Shampoo) let’s just add some water and hope for the best.

2nd Step:
Dry your hair the most you can with a towel and let’s plugin the blow dryer into the wall to start the next step.

3rd Step:
With the blow dryer in hands, let’s first start with medium heat to take out the excess of water your hair might have.

4th Step:
After, Apply Novex Brazilian Keratin Heat Protector Styling Spray all over your hair length and the bottom of your hair/ends (this helps to avoid split ends while blow drying.) The Brazilian Keratin Heat Protector is a very important tool in this process, because it will protect your hair from the heat, add shine, control volume and make the sleek look to last longer. (Because, let’s be honest, nobody likes frizzy hair lol!)

5th Step:
With a hair brush with an open back where the heated air can go thru start brushing the hair while using the blow dryer. Make sure to do the same movement with the hairbrush and blow dryer, so where your brush goes, you should get the heat from the blow dryer. and blow dryer, so where your brush goes, you should get the heat from the blow dryer.

brazilian blowout brush

6th Step:
With the fully almost dried hair, you will separate it in sections and use a round brush to reach the sleeker effect. We recommend from medium to thinner the sections. It looks like its adding more work, but it’s actually drying faster and makes the hair shiner and smoother.

Brazilian blowout brushes

7th Step:
In each section make sure to brush while pulling the hair out with the blow dryer at the same time to get a smooth effect.

Once this last step is done, you might add some cold air throughout the hair to avoid the few frizzy baby hairs that might be out there. (The cold air helps the ecstatic of the hair go down.)

Remember, nobody has time for a bad hair day! So enjoy your Brazilian Blowout!

P.S: Make sure to deep condition your hair once a week with a Deep Hair Mask. It’s fundamental for your hair health, to rebuild some strength with vitamins and proteins after a week or so. For this process we recommend the Novex Coconut Oil Deep Hair Mask, which will repair the damage, add shine and leave your hair nourished and easier to reach the sleek look.


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