How to save your Color Damaged Hair

How to save your Color Damaged Hair using Novex

Us at Novex Team, knows how much can be difficult to restore smoothness and shine in a color damaged hair full of split ends and frizz. So we have listed below a very easy step by step that will help you to recuperate the right level of protein and vitamin you hair need to be ready for the next color treatment.

All you need is a plastic bowl to mix the deep hair masks and some time.

Step by step: How to save your color damaged hair:

1st step: Wash your hair with Novex Brazilian Keratin Shampoo. Rinse it thoroughly and remove excess of water.

2nd step: In a plastic bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of Novex Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment with 1 tablespoon of Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Treatment. (You may add more tablespoons depending on the length and volume of your hair.)

3rd step: Massage it gently and leave it on for 15 minutes.

3rd step: Rinse it well and remove excess of water.

4st step: Apply Novex Argan Oil Leave In Conditioner to detangle your hair. (Do not rinse)

5th step: Finish as desired (flat ironed, blow dried or natural)


Additional information: Repeat this process once a week for a month to achieve a better result. Deep conditioning is the key for the health of your hair and scalp. It restores your hair smoothness, shine and moisture.


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