New Year New Me

New Year New Me !

New Year New Me has become so cliché. How about new year, new locks because we all know appearance means everything… sort of! If you’re looking to be on top of the newest trends, you’ve come to the right place because Novex knows all the colors your hair needs to fit right in with 2016.


With the help of celebrity’s influential style (cough, cough… Kylie Jenner) guys and girls are choosing to rock the latest hair trends. Whether it’s slightly dipped blue like Victoria Secret model Gigi Hadid, or a full blown purple like our girl Katy Perry, these colors have become the hottest looks. If purple and blue aren’t your go-to colors, no worries because pink has been climbing to popularity thanks to Rihanna and Kylie flaunting and showcasing it via Instagram. If edgy is more your style or you’re looking to be bold and brave this new year, green strands are fitting in just as much.


With lots of new colors on the table, taking care of your hair is a necessity since dye could be damaging. It’s pivotal to moisturize after coloring your hair especially in the winter considering the large amount of moisture in the air during the cold seasons. A great product to keep your hair rich is Novex’s Deep Hair Mask.


Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Hair Care Mask – the deep care mask is essential to enhance the nutrients your hair needs! Adding this to your mane helps restore soft hair since the Novex treatment is filled with Vitamin E and Brazilian Keratin protein to help replenish damaged hair by smoothing it out and keeping it shiny all while enriching the hair shaft. And the process is simple! Coat your hair for 30 minutes or longer with the deep hair care mask and watch your soft hair flow beautifully again! More good news, Novex’s formula works on all hair types. Try it out with your new 2016 color!


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