Oily scalp, dried ends? …HELP! (Best shampoo for oily hair)

Oily scalp, dried ends? …HELP! (Best shampoo for oily hair)

Although all we are all flawless, there are still little petty secrets we keep from the world. Sometimes they’re not so discrete and are totally visible. For example, dry scalp and dry ends! It’s basically a call for help. Many women attempt to treat their dry ends by excessively washing their hair. While most of us know, washing your mane everyday is the opposite solution for oily hair. Daily shampoo for oily hair rinses eliminates the natural oils from our scalp. Are you thinking, “uhmm I’m trying to get rid of that oil!” You’re so wrong! The greasy look we get in our hair isn’t from our natural oils, but could actually form from build up of unnecessary products.

As for dry tips, we could claim them as our worst enemies but lets be real, it’s mainly up to us to keep our tresses healthy. Dry tips can result in string-like hair and leaving someone to let you know it is time for a cut, and that cannot be happening. Most of the time damaged ends form from excessive heat or chemical treatments. If your hair is dry, it’s very fragile, so taking extra care of it is essential to treating it back to health.

Enough of the negativity, Novex has the answers your hair’s looking for with our restoring hair treatments, which specifically repair any damage like oily scalps and dry ends. Our products are used for all types of hair!
You want to begin with washing your hair with the best shampoo for oily hair Novex Bamboo Sprout Shampoo. The extra healthy, salt-free formula counts with bamboo sprout and is designed to naturally clean and treat. Your scalp will be thanking you later on. One important tip to know when washing your hair with Novex or any cleanser is to gently moisturize the scalp. Many people think the harder your fingertips glide your mane the better it’s cleaning. In reality, we need to treat our hair like it’s spawn from heaven to prevent it from breakage or falling out. We love our hair, let’s be good to her and she will good to us! It’s the facts of life…

The Novex Brazilian Keratin Conditioner has been manufactured specifically to naturally moisturize and treat, keeping your mane properly nourished and full. The keratin protein in our conditioner provides a smooth and deep hair repair that’s needed for hair with an oily scalp or dry tips. The best way for this product to work is to moisturize the scalp, and let it sit for three minutes. Easy!

After applying a healthy rinse, Novex Bamboo Sprout leave in conditioner will have your hair working around the clock to repair the damaged tresses. The magic mix provides replenishing strength and an intense growth treatment to keep your hair strong with a glossy shine and full of life.

With the right treatment, your hair will be looking better than ever.

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