Short Hair Less Care 


Short, sassy and creative and of course we’re talking about hair.  We love long flowing locks short hair can garner some of your favorite and simple and ready to wear looks. I’ve been an avid short hair rocker since 2013 and have used certain products to help increase shine, volume and even hold.  I always wanted a short hair cut to rock like some of our celebrity favorites such as Rihanna, Jada Pinkett Smith and the other ladies who I’ve so effortlessly been inspired by.

Often times I wear my hair with a messy defined look that quickly captures the attention of many. I’ve frequently use Novex products to give me the shine and sassy look that I feel like other products sometimes miss. Since I’m actually not the biggest hair guru and I’m by far no Kim Kimble to say the least a short hair look with less care is the way to go for me.  I know there are a few different looks one can achieve with short hair the edgy rocker look and the cute and curly. I’ve had the best times getting different playful looks that I’ve loved and the best part about it is they also make for great Instagram photos. The lower your hair goes the less maintenance you have to use to take care of it.  Novex has been responsible for helping me maintain the sleekness I’ve been looking for an while using the Novex Argan Oil products, my hair has been silky and fed with tons of Vitamin E.

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