Coconut Oil Benefits


 With all of the products and market pushers today, we get so caught up in just hearing why we should use the product, “because it’s the best,” “it makes my hair look so wonderful,” “it’s healthy for my hair!” But it’s hard to actually understand what exactly is going on in our hair follicles when we add product and enriching oils to our mane. So let’s get to it and chat about what really happens when we add things like, Coconut Oil to our hair. Why is it so good for us?

Before we begin with focusing solely on hair, I want to let you know that Coconut Oil in general is high in natural saturated fats, which expand healthy cholesterol and also assist in transitioning the bad cholesterol, known as LDL into good ones (HDL). Overall, Coconut Oil merits a healthy heart and decreases the risk of heart disease. Now imagine the magic it does for your tress!

Firstly, Coconut Oil can be used for multiple problems on hair. It goes deep into hair follicles, stimulating growth and makes the scalp stronger to protect from harmful agents. It’s likely that all of us will run into at least some issues with hair throughout our lifetime, whether it be insect bites, lice, dandruff, dry scalp, split ends, hair breakage… you name it and Coconut Oil’s nutrients are usually able to fix the problem over time. It’s like feeding your hair vitamins. One of the greatest parts about it is it also slows down hair loss. Unfortunately, with all of the styling us gals do to our hair between teasing, hair spray and all the products that break and weaken our hair, it’s comforting to know that Coconut Oil will in fact protect our hair from falling out!

There are certain times when and when not to use Coconut Oil. Different types of hair respond differently to certain oils. For instance, people who are lacking natural proteins in their hair specifically should not use Coconut Oil. Therefore, those with fine to medium shiny hair will usually see a good result from using Coconut Oil, whereas someone with more dry hair and have high protein can obtain brittle hair from using Coconut Oil.

Don’t be alarmed though! I’m just stating the facts. Coconut Oil in general is a wonderful oil to implement into hair. It adds shine, and softness, and adds protection of viral infections. When using it, make sure to apply all over the scalp and hair, comb through so each strand can make contact with the oil.

The best way I like to use it is when I have a night to myself. I typically warm the oil, massage it over my mane and scalp, and let it sit over night. In the morning, I wash it all out with a simple cleanse. It seems like it can be messy but just keep a towel over your pillow and you’re set! Also check out Novex Coconut Oil line.

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