Natural Hairstyles for the Holidays


So many natural hairstyles, so little time because face it… the holidays are literally right around the corner! So you’re going to your boyfriend’s family’s house for the first year and you need to look cute and innocent, or you’re hanging with your family or friends who always have something to say. Let’s do each other a favor here and whip up some trendy, natural holiday hairstyles. This way, you can still bum in that over-sized sweater, as long as your hair looks on point, no body notices! Right?

Hairstyle #1

Lets start off with the most simple, historic, and easiest natural hairstyle you can think of; a ponytail. Some people pull it off, and some don’t. This all depends on how chic you put your look together. A simple ponytail, with some easy contour, Christmas outfit, and jewelry will always do the trick just right. When you wear an outfit that stands out, or a nice, backless blouse, your best bet is to go with a ponytail. You can’t go wrong!

Hairstyle #2

One step further than this is a new style, a bun. As ladies, we all know how simple these are and how this style is flexible. A tight, clean bun is chic a can be and super appropriate for family events. To make it holiday style, simply add a holiday pin in. I personally always go for messy buns. I love strands flowing gently from the sides and almost about to fall out of the tip of my head when they’re actually styled that way. Since I have naturally straight hair, I curly my tress and then style up in a messy bun. For girls with thick, curly or wavy hair, this style is usually super easy for you to do. I highly suggest it!

Hairstyle #3

NEXT! Braids will never stop trending but they definitely made a big boom this year with celebrities flocking them around the paparazzi. There are no limitations when it comes to braids, style them up, in a bun, around your head, down and flowing, tight and chic, or loose and stranding. No matter which way you do it, they will be accepted and everyone will compliment you. If you have enough time before you meet up with the family, try a half up, boho style braid. With this style, simple create a half up messy, loose bun and loosely braid big, random strands in the flowing tress. Or if you’re skilled (unlike me) and can french braid, begin French braiding one side of your hair into a headband, pin it, tease and style lose flowing hair and call it a braid-band.

Hairstyle #4

If you want to keep it super simple but super cute at the same time, there’s always a ribbon or bow. Any hairstyle you choose can be finished and perfect for the holidays by adding a gold or red ribbon or bow to your ponytail, bun, or half up doo. And you can’t forget a Styling product to protect your hair like the Novex Brazilian Keratin Thermal Protector Styling Spray.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the holidays. Your boyfriend and his family will still love you and your big cousins will still accept you…. That’s what we’d like to think. So listen to us, style your hair and most importantly, enjoy your holiday!

–Xox, Novex.


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