Natural Hair Care Transition Tips

It’s time to go for the Natural Hair Care look!

There comes a point in every woman’s life when the hair-dying and style changing just doesn’t fit into her persona any longer. When that happens, it may feel like it’s too late. How does one go from a perm back to their straight hair? Or how do we make a big change by keeping so subtle?  I’m going to provide you with a few tips on how to revert back to natural hair without feeling the need to chop all of it off!

The first obvious tip I’ll give you is to pace yourself. Don’t get worked up if you don’t see changes in your hair the first week. You can start off by laying off the chemicals. Adding more chemically induced hair products into your hair will continue to decelerate the transformation. So if you’re a keratin treatment, texturizer, and permanent hair dye, fanatic, learn to LET IT GO! All of these products were made to alter the natural style of your hair, ultimately prolonging the process to regress back to natural hair. Hair is already a fragile piece of art, adding more too it such as these items can make it even more delicate.

Keep in mind to keep the scalp moisturized as well. Dry hair breaks easily and will prolong the natural hair process. For super curly, natural hair, stick with deep moisturizing treatments considering curly hair usually obtains a good amount of protein. If you’re going to strengthen your hair with any type of hair product, make sure it is a protein treatment. When transitioned hair meets the root of natural hair, there could be some issues due to the difference in texture. To fix this, condition your hair with every wash and try a protein treatment every six to eight weeks.

It’s also important to keep away for heating tools, especially a blow dryer. This is a universal know-know in hair world. Everyone knows how much heating tools damage hair so imagine what it can do to hair that has already been so fragile due to texture change. Applying certain hair tools on damaged hair can result in permanent straight hair.

If you’re looking at chopping off your hair as a last resort, try a couple of easy hair tricks before doing so! See if protecting your edges can make you change your mind. Being gentle wit hair is pivotal so you don’t cause unnecessary damage.  Avoid styles that pull hair causing tension on the temples and neck. Tight ponytails, buns, and even headbands can cause this. When brushing, be extra patient. When natural texture and the styled hair meets, it’s super sensitive.

If these tricks are taking too long for you, it’s time for scissor action, but you don’t have to cut too much! Gradually cut damaged ends each month. A professional hair stylist will know what your hair needs to get it back on track without cutting off an overwhelming amount.

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