Ways To Make Your Wavy Hair Look Curlier


Coming from a girl with naturally straight hair, I’ll admit, I’ve always been quite envious of the girls with naturally wavy hair. In reality, the grass is never greener on the other side because most girls with wavy hair crave an extra curl too! There are so many products and tools now-a-days that can give a helping hand to get those curls your striving for. Just be careful for how much product you actually use. Sometimes, this does damage to the curls and holds down the hair even more. I’m going to fill you in a few little secrets on how to go from wavy hair, to longer lasting curls.

Lets start off with the ultra curling method; scrunching. For those who aren’t aware what scrunching is, it’s the rhythm technique of grasping the tips of your hair and gently scrunching the hair in palm of your hand in and up and down formation. With product or after using a hot iron tool, this will assist in firmly styling the curl and lasting longer.

Diffusing your hair is the ultimate scrunching method. A diffuser is a hair tool that attaches to a blow dryer. It has the same method as scrunching the hair does except the diffuser does it for you, with heat. It’s safer for the ends of your hair considering there’s no actual hot iron being placed on your tress. Diffusing is super simple and works wonders. Take it from the naturally straight head! Some diffuser users claim this method can come off frizzy but I personally think it looks stylish with volume on girls who want nice, big, wavy hair!

When scrunching or diffusing your hair, I definitely recommend using the Novex line “My Curls”. These products are specifically manufactured for girls with and without curly hair. For those who need an extra curl boost, we have a whole care line dedicated to styling the curl: shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, and leave in conditioners.  Curls can be a handful, so Novex mixed together seven nutria functional oils into their products; olive, argan, ojon, monoi, coconut, shea butter, and moringa. Together they are known to hydrate and nutrition curls all while keeping a super sleek shine and frizz protection.

Okay, moving on to the 4th tip! Make sure you’re cutting your hair frequently! Long hair gets heavy and starts to pull natural curls down. Getting it cut every so often will keep your curls bouncing. Always make sure your stylist understands the texture of your hair. When hair dresses understand the natural pattern of your hair, your curls will be easier styled and have more flexibility.

Don’t wash everyday! This is a universal rule for all girls with all types of hair textures, styles, lengths, etc. Day two or three for me with no wash are my best hair days. This creates a natural volume for hair and boosts curls when their at the greatest.

Comment below some of your personal wavy-to-curly tips!

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