Hair Problems Ultimate Guide

Are you having hair problems?

We are all capable of doing things to upset our loved ones whether we feel like it or not. Consider your hair a relationship, an actual relationship like with a boyfriend or girlfriend; because that’s what it is! Everything that goes into a healthy, loving relationship takes effort. I know it sounds like a weird analogy but it really makes sense! Look, when you start to get comfortable with your hair or not pay attention to its wants and needs, you won’t even realize how much you could be damaging it. I am going to provide you some hair problems ultimate guide on how to keep your relationship strong and lively with your hair, so take notes!

Hair Problem #1

Let’s start off simple. Not shampooing your tress correctly can be one of the biggest hair problems you’re facing. It’s important to cleanse using the right pH balance of your hair and scalp. If hair is dyed, be sure to use color-safe or sulfate free shampoos. These are easier on the hair and protect dye color from fading. There are plenty of nourishing shampoos for hair seeking hydration. Just check out some of our Novex products! Finish with a conditioner. A proper hair cleanse can make dry quicker and add more volume. Also, be sure not to wash too often. This only takes away from the essentials your hair needs. Remember, “wants and needs”!

Hair Problem #2

Next! Someone once said, “Patience is a virtue”. In hair world, this is like a homely from Sunday mass. Let your hair do its thang! It’s pivotal to allow hair to dry about 70% before brushing through it to save the conditioner and oils that may be falling out as you’re brushing.

Hair Problem # 3

Now onto some styling tips. Do you ever hear that sizzle your hair makes when you spray hair spray while using a curling iron at the same time? Ever hear the crisp sound bacon makes when you lay it on a hot frying pan. The key word you’ll find here is “fry” because that’s exactly what you’re doing to your hair and you need to stop.

Hair Problem #4

Ponies seem like a girl’s best friend. They’re always here for us on our bad hair days, lazy days, at work and obviously when we get home and just want to throw our hair up. Try as hard as possible not to make this a habit. Using ponies constantly is one of the easiest ways to cause breakage and leads to flyaways and frizz. My favorite and most simple “lazy” style is a hair clip. They are beyond convenient and you can still look cute and chic!

Hair Problem # 5

Some girls like to try the whole “sleep with my hair wet” look but let me advise you to stop doing this. It sounds like the easy thing to do to prevent styling before a long day at work. When sleeping with wet hair, your body’s constantly shifting positions, causing frizz on the hair and making double the work for you in the morning. Just don’t do it. You’re welcome.

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