New Season, New Hair


New season, new hair; that’s our lingo. Well for now it is but really it’s an exciting time. Halloween’s over and Thanksgiving is approaching. Holiday season is the absolute best time of the year. Not only because we have family gatherings to look forward to and grandma and aunts asking, “where’s your boyfriend?”… you know the one you don’t have. But it’s actually an exciting time! Fall’s here and that means it’s time to switch up your look. Not for your grandma, not for your aunt, not for your nonexistent boyfriend, but for YOU. We all need a little change here and there.

So lets get to it! No matter what color hair you’re rocking, this fall is all about taking it down a notch and aiming for a warmer tone in hair color. Lets start off with probably the most neutral look. Anyone with a darker feature who doesn’t like to be too risky, but is still searching for a change, can pull off this look. Chocolate Rose Gold is hitting the fall streets like there’s no tomorrow. I’d say it’s totally the color of the fall year. Chocolate Rose Gold is a brown color with hints of pink tones along the bottom. Usually when someone thinks pink, they turn the other corner. This pink is a neutral pink and nothing drastic; super trendy. So even if you’re a business gal, you can still walk in the office with no hair blame, only good looks!

Everything pumpkin happens in the fall, even hair. Pumpkin Spice is obviously the flavor of the hair season. This shade can also be known as “gingersnap” but since it’s fall, you know it has to be pumpkin. This fall trend consists of golden blonde shades, or chestnut, are colored over copper strands. Pumpkin Spice gives off a fall leaf color in the sunlight. Although this is no new color, it remained such a popular seasonal look that it has reappeared.

Grombe- weird name to a cool look! Think of the Ombre hair styles over the spring and summer and turn it into a darker look. This is an amazing look for fashionistas who rock anything and everything. Grombe is a chic style that starts out as dark gray at the top of the head and drizzles a paler shade down to the bottom. The best part about it, is this color can rock all types of hair lengths.  An alternative to Grombe would be a Smoky Lilac. It’s a very similar color but adds tints of foggy, purple and lavender into the gray tone. This specific trend looks lovely on longer lengths.

For our girls who have lighter shades of color in their hair, Nude Hair is a nice warmer blonde. Nude Hair allows the blondes to keep their color during the fall months, just keeping it in style. Mixing both warm and cool tones are what keeps this hair super trendy, allowing anyone to wear it.

Lastly, Cinnamon Swirl Hair looks as good as it sounds to eat, well in a coffee or something. This color totally dominated this year and is making it’s away through the fall trends too. Hair stylists combine warm honey tones and brown sugary shades to create a perfect combination of what I like to call, a dirtier blonde hair.

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