Benefits of Olive Oil to the Hair

Olive oil is known for its amazing performance in the kitchen and its health benefits not only to the inside of our bodies but the outside as well. Many people love to incorporate olive oil to their skin care routine because of the moisture and hydration this rich in Monounsaturated Fats oil provides. Not only do people use this amazing oil on their skin but also their hair. Olive oil has a vast amount of benefits for the hair. Including:

  • Scalp therapy

Olive oil works as a scalp therapy system. It helps maintain a healthy scalp by fighting off dandruff, eliminating dryness, avoiding flaky skin and acting as a shield against potential fungus.

  • Hair Growth

Olive oil promotes hair growth, it is rich with multiple vitamins that help lock the keratin in your hair. Olive oil is one of the best things to use in order to grow stronger and shinier hair.

  • More Olive oil hair benefits
    • Split end repair
    • Softer hair
    • More manageable hair

Novex Hair Care has the most efficient Olive Oil collection that will give the right level of moisture, protection and hair growth that you need. The Olive Oil collection is composed with Novex Olive Oil Shampoo, Novex Olive Oil Conditioner and Novex Olive Oil Deep Hair Mask infused with Vitamin E and Novex Olive Oil Leave In Conditioner to detangled and smooth all hair types.

Novex Olive Oil collection helps the scalp skin improving the blood circulation. This increased blood flow can stimulate the follicles, which then produce thicker strands. With an innovative formula using the purest European Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enriched Vitamin E, the Novex Olive Oil collection treats dry, relaxed or damaged hair, combining deep protection, hydration and nutrition for better hair.

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