Colored Hair: A New Way to Smooth and Shine Your Color-Dried Hair


When you have colored hair with more than three color touchups a year, you probably have to worry about the fuzzy tangled hair, like me. We all feel so great when we walk out of the salon with freshly colored hair vibrant. But this is the beginning of a battle against your dry, tangled, fuzzy hair and split ends.

My usual way to restore my hair is to use professional shampoo and conditioner when I wash it. But this is not enough. Recently I added two more steps to my hair care routine that really work well – a 5-min hair mask and leave-in conditioner. I tried Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and Leave-in Conditioner. After I wash my hair with warm water, I apply the hair mask and massage it into the hair for only 3-5 minutes and then fully rinse it. Before I blow dry the hair, I apply the leave-in conditioner all over the hair and some more on the tips of the hair. I can easily comb the hair and leave the cream in the hair for the whole day for better effect. The new way of hair care really makes a difference on my colored hair.

The product I use is Novex Bamboo Sprout collection, a professional hair brand specialized for weak hair. Its hair mask is a highly nourishing hair care cream which restores the shine of the color and conditions the hair with its vitamin-concentrated bamboo sprout essence. I use it twice a week along with regular shampooing and conditioning and I see obvious improvement of the hair texture in a few weeks. And its leave-in conditioner further repairs and smoothens the hair all day long. Don’t worry about any grease. This cream is much lighter than regular rinse-off conditioner. I can still style my hair as usual even with coat of the leave-in conditioner. With Novex, colored treated hair is no longer my headache.


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