Moisturized hair

Who doesn’t want Moisturized hair!

It used to be a simple hair wash with shampoo and conditioner. Now we have arrived at an age of ubiquitous hair products that just don’t allow a traditional hair rinse to make the cut. Hairstylists and scientists have realized that getting the hair you need and want takes a lot more; more styling, more time, more products, and most certainly more repairing. Deep hair conditioning is one of those mandatory essentials of hair washing that pushes your tress the extra mile in working hard at building a strong foundation and healthy look. The only problem is, some victims who suffer from hair damage or simply don’t see the proper results may be doing it wrong. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to deep conditioning. But once again, what is Novex’s blog here for? To obviously give our favorite readers a helping hand and inform you on some hair beauty tricks.

Deep Hair Conditioning = Moisturized Hair!

So here it goes, the dos and don’ts of deep hair conditioning:

  • Don’t- We can start off by explaining the timing for deep hair conditioning. In basically every aspect of life, what’s the one quote you can’t escape? “Timing is everything”. Even with hair, therefore, don’t over do it. Allow the deep hair condition to sit no more than 15-30 minutes.
  • Do- Start from the bottom for more hair replenishment. Dead ends, split ends, all the end piece damage is where it all begins so the best thing to do is start at the bottom. Work your way up to the root. This gives the end of your hair more time with the conditioner.
  • Don’t- worry about using heat on your tress. Use a medium heat setting on your blow dryer while wearing a heat cap and tend to your hair. You can also warm up the conditioner. This will help moisturize your hair.
  • Do- deep condition regularly! Hair that is deep conditioned on a regular basis becomes easier to manage with a softer texture, and is more likely to avoid damage and frizz. Deep conditioning can also work to retain length.
  • Don’t- try to do too much at once. Don’t use your deep conditioner for a normal cleanse. They are manufactured to provide intense cleansing and not as leave-ins. They usually have higher concentrations of cationic surfactants, which can ultimately build up if used as a normal cleanse or leave-in.
  • DO- THIS IS KEY- DO try the Novex Deep Hair Conditioners as we are 100% budget friendly and we love our products as much as our customers, therefore we provide the best results.


Novex provides a variety of deep hair conditioners that cater to each hair need. All Novex DC hair products are indicated for all hair types, manufactured for replenishing strength, moisture and intense growth, filled with pH3.5, and Vitamin E. Here’s a list of our products.


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