Hair Moisturizer for Thick, Coily Hair


If your hair is anything like mine, then your texture is thick and coily. My hair literally eats up moisture. Because of the curly, thick texture my strands need a thick hair moisturizer it can hold on to for days on end. Since we are approaching winter here on the east coast, moisture is most definitely key. Listed below are 4 keys to keeping your curly tip moisturized.

  1. Do a hair mask once a week– Hair masks are a great way to replenish moisture back into your hair follicles. The deep moisturizing mask penetrates through the hair strands and replenishes moisture. The longer you allow the mask to sit the better. Novex has a really great hair moisturizer bamboo sprout deep conditioning hair mask.
  2. Hot oil treatments– This has to be my ‘go to’ method for replenishing my strands with moisture. You can purchase the oil tubes from your local beauty supply store or you can make your very own concoction.  You can choose to heat up your coconut oil, argon oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, which ever oil you decide to use its completely up to your preference. You heat up the oil on your stove top or in your microwave and apply to your hair then let the oil penetrate your hair and scalp underneath a plastic cap. After the desired amount of time you rinse this oil out and admire the results.
  3. Using shea butter to moisturize- My go to moisturizer is raw shea butter. This moisturizes my hair enough to last about a week with no need to reapply until the following week. I am a product junkie so I usually mix the butter with another hair moisturizer or I’ll whip the shea butter so it’ll be a little lighter to use. I use this product on damp hair while doing my twist outs. The shea butter helps to mold my hair into the twists.
  4. Co-washing- If you have curly hair I’m sure you’re familiar with a good co-wash. Since moisture is so crucial in maintaining healthy curly hair co-washing helps a ton. Using your favorite conditioner to wash your hair helps to maintain moisture. I usually co-wash once every 2 weeks and wash once a month. Co-washing helps your hair to maintain a healthy curl pattern and locks in moisture. The co-washing routine s essential in keeping your coily, curly hair moisturized during the cold winter months and all year round.

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