Long Lasting Curly Hair Tips


Long lasting curly hair are what many curl girlfriends strive for. For those who are naturally blessed with them, or even the ladies who enjoy styling their locks that way know it can be a hassle. Styling isn’t the toughest part. When you’re ready to show your curly hair off there’s usually only one thing that lingers in your mind; how to keep my curls bouncing beautifully for the day? Novex has a list of our friendly tips on how to keep your curly hair dancing all day.

Long Lasting Tip #1

Using styling products is always a plus. Novex has multiple products that are specifically manufactured for our curly-headed gals. I suggest you try using the Novex line; My Curls. I mean the name says it all… Novex My Curls has multiple products such as shampoos, conditioners and the SUPER Curly, Shiny Leave-In Conditioner. This line is filled with memory for your locks.

Long Lasting Tip #2

The Novex My Curls Shampoo was specially designed to wash hair without damaging any curls. It is salt free and combined with seven Nutri functional Oils and Cranberry. This line will easily leave your curls nourished, soft, frizzles, and with a glossy shine. The best part yet, along with all of our Novex hair products, this is for all types of hair! No discrimination here.

Long Lasting Tip #3

Novex My Curls Conditioner works the same way as it’s shampoo, it just adds more value! The conditioning line penetrates deeply into the hair fiber, allowing curls to fill with more hydration, nutrition and powerful anti fizziness. The conditioner specifically is defined to make curls last longer.

Long Lasting Tip #4

The Novex My Curls Super Curly Leave In Conditioner is “the leave in conditioner everyone is talking about”. So you might as well not only talk about it, but use it so you have something to talk about! This product is a mix between a gift from heaven and magic. It has been manufactured to shape and define curls for longevity. With multiple usages, the leave-in allows you to control volume, boost it as well, twist and style your curls as you wish, allowing them to last longer. Mixed with Ojon oil to leave curls shiny and easy to manage but will also do all the work to moisturize, repair and protect your curls from falling. This is HIGHLY recommended if you’re victim to falling curls. Best thing yet, since I don’t know who actually love to wash, rinse and style your hair, no need to wash after applying!


If you don’t have our products on hand just yet, there are a couple other options that can do the trick. For one, allow your curls to stay individually clipped to your scalp while you finish getting ready for your day or night out. Having hairspray is just a generic female essential. Therefore, again if you don’t have our curly hair products, I suggest using hair spray or texturizing spray for the time being. Sometimes we like to drench our hair in products but realistically, products are heavy on our locks and can be one of the reasons your hair can’t stay curled.


Try out our products for long lasting curly hair and leave a comment below if you have more suggestions for our girls!


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