Welcome Fall with gorgeous healthy hair


Welcome fall with gorgeous healthy hair by using some of Novex’s tips on getting rid of residue and damage left in our tress from the summer fun. Sun damage, salt water, and chemicals from lounging in the pool do more harm to your hair then you think. If your brown hair looks lighter and more jagged at the tips, then it’s possible that you have fallen victim to summer damage and sun exposure (totally speaking from experience). According to experts, by the end of summer, we start to notice the one thing we forgot to protect from the sun is our hair, looking and feeling almost fried.

According to a national training advisor for Rene Furterer hair care products, our natural protective hair coat, hydrolipidic film, is usually broken down anyway when we add harmful chemicals.  But going one step further by adding sun, chlorine and salt water can destroy the hydrolipidic film completely. With all of the summer damage, it’s possible that your hair is literally crying out for more moisture and if it hasn’t already, begin to cause split ends and breakage.

Our tress can be compared to skin; filled of proteins in need of moisture. Unlike skin, which produces its own supply of moisture, hair is dead and needs moisture supply with the help of you! As usual, Novex has the supplies necessary to give your hair back the strength, moisture, and beauty it knows it has. Below I have listed our Novex enhanced repaired products that will best suit your summer hair damage!

You can start of by trying our Novex Brazilian Keratin Shampoo. We like to talk up our Keratin line considering it’s the number one selling Keratin product in Brazil. We know it’s excellent and will keep your hair happy and manageable. Our keratin shampoo has protein that reinforces the structure of the hair fiber, giving it elasticity and restoring the shine and softness your tress is yearning for. Our superior shampoo was specifically manufactured for a smooth and deep repair; perfect for after summer! Plus, it’s salt free and for all hair types. So don’t be discouraged if you feel your hair doesn’t fit the criteria, cause duh… there is none.

A great alternative and highly suggested is the Novex Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. The enhanced treatment is meant to moisturize, and protect weak, dry and brittle hair. Doesn’t all of this sound so relatable? Filled with Vitamin E and Olive oil and a pH level of 3.5, this product is the perfect fit to repair hair that has been too exposed to the sun or harmful pool chemicals. Our Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is perfect to utilize while you’ve got some spare time around the house. Apply the mask after a deep cleanse, let it sit for a bit while you cook, clean, nap (napping is always useful) and let it rinse!

We have circled our way back to our Kertain line just cause we seriously love it so much. A third option is our Novex Blindagem Brazilian Keratin Heat Protector Leave In. This specific product protects the hair from forming a protective barrier that can minimize damages due to any hair chemistry, such as chlorine, coloring or bleach, and from heat. It was made to protect against excessive humidity while controlling frizz and enables your hairstyle to last longer.

Try out any of these intense repair products from Novex and we bet you’ll see your beautiful healthy hair in no time!

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