How to Beat Up a Bad Hair Day


As if a long working day ahead is not bad enough, the only thing that can get worse besides no coffee is a bad hair day. Sometimes, it seems inevitable no matter which way you brush it, how long you tease it, the four products you’ve already drenched your tress in, and it’s just not going away. Luckily, styling your doo in certain ways can hide the fact that you were ever so mad that you mentally cursed off everyone, including your hair, from your office in your head that morning. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen on the daily. With just a few lifesaving tips for styling your hair on a bad day and just one product, your bad hair day can turn into the best one eva!


Aside from hairstyles, sometimes too many products can weigh your hair down. In order to keep you from having these bad hair days, try just one specific product that can do all the work. The Novex Coconut Oil Leave in Conditioner creates a protective coat on hair strands that prevent outer agents from damaging the hair, leaving it always detangled, nourished and still with a beautiful shine. It’s specifically recommended for undisciplined hair, and I’d say any hair that’s giving you a bad day is undisciplined.


To keep it simple and known, the world’s most ubiquitous hairstyle can save the day in a matter of minutes. Well known in high fashion, it’s a sophisticated look that screams confidence.  The ponytail. Yes, it’s true. It screams a lady with full security and I’ll tell you why. With all of the media’s constant hair commercials and celebrities with big, flowing, blown out hair, it’s difficult for some women to find themselves sexy with a simple slicked back doo. But to tell you the truth, even some guys find it super attractive. I know a guy that encouraged me to wear my hair slicked back in a pony tail more than usual cause it showed my face more. Was he a sweet talker? Possibly, but I listened and felt great about it. The fact is the many high fashion brands show their models in slicked back ponytails to get the classy yet sexy aspect. Pull your shoulders back, keep your neck high, and rock that pony tail you confident lady, you!


I’m definitely a regular of this next one so naturally I have to preach about it. The big messy, high bun is another well known, hair-doo around the world. It’s the lazy girl’s ultimate style but that doesn’t mean it’s not super fashionable. You ever see those chicks walking with a messy bun and think “I wish I looked that good in this?” Well you do, because they don’t realize it either. So here’s what you do; tease your hair to add more volume, flip your head over, tie it into a lose pony tail and wrap your bun around loosely and hold it down with a bobby pin or tuck it into the scrunchy. Use bobby pins to style around and keep loose hairpieces from dangling. Style until you are satisfied and walla!


Braids are never a bad excuse for a daily hairstyle. Considering they are super back and trending, why not give them a go on a bad hair day? The fun thing about braids is there are so many options. For a corporate job, I’d say keep the braid simple. This entails one braid going down your back, or even to the side. You can loosen it so it still looks stylish or even incorporate a fishtail braid as well. For any other work place or on the go, you can style a braid however you’d like.


A headband is something we forget about since you don’t typically see it anymore, but I’m a believer in starting trends. Although it never went away, you’d most likely be one of the only ladies in the establishment rocking one. There are so many versatile ways to style a headband. It can simply be placed with or without bangs, or even with a bun. Headbands are a great gateway to hiding a bad hair day and can even go with your outfit.


Try out my tips on your next bad hair day and comment below for more suggestions!

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