Hair Growth: Novex Bamboo Sprout Shampoo

Looking for Hair Growth?

How many times have you thought speed dating and trying new hair growth products could be considered the same thing? You read an article on all of these natural ways to make your hair longer and stronger, purchase multiple products at multiple stores, mix ‘em up, zero results, and you’re on to the next article. At some point you give up and all of your friends are telling you not to give up on this one guy, I mean product! Well, as usual, your sanctuary; Novex, is here to help. Novex Bamboo Sprout is the line to strengthen your hair and produce the growth you and your hair are looking for.

About Bamboo Sprout

Considering we have a full line of Bamboo Sprout, lets start off with explaining how the products work, for your own understanding. Hair needs some lovin’ too, obvi. With the right dosage of Bamboo, vitamins: A, B, and C, and mixture of amino acids, it seems like pure magic. You may have heard here and there that amino acids are great for hair growth, but has anyone ever told you why? Healthy hair requires a lot of keratin and some collagen. In order for our body’s to keep these proteins in cycle, we must have enough access to amino acids. To obtain certain and essential amino acids, such as methionine and lysine, most of the time it’s through our diet. Sometimes, that’s not good enough which is why Novex works on developing products to help those in need of amino acids and bamboo sprout.

With the right ingredients come the right results. Therefore Novex advises to begin with a dash of Bamboo Sprout Shampoo and follow with the Bamboo Sprout Conditioner to start your hair growth and strength process. A normal cleanse is key.

For those of you whose hair is calling out for a little extra help, try out the Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. Enriched with ultra concentrated actives, Bamboo Sprout and Vitamin E, it was developed to restore the strength and growth of broken and weak hair. It’s also high in concentration, density and contains a pH level of 3.5.

For some extra hair lovin’ we also offer the Novex Bamboo Sprout Leave In Conditioner, which offers moisture your hair needs to feel nourished and full of life again. These products often go quickly considering most of us ladies earn for long and strong hair. I hate the days when I have to cut off an extra inch because of split ends and hair damage. That’s why the Bamboo Sprout is a favorite!

So if you find yourself being one of those girls who I described at the start of my rant, then I advise you try the Novex Bamboo Sprout products. Lets face it, when we have long and strong hair, we feel at our best. Healthy hair is happy hair, so grow it long and grow it strong.

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