Novex Bloggers Review Partner Program


As we have mentioned previously, Novex has created a Bloggers Review Partner Program. Why is this so exciting? Because now anyone who is considered to be a blogger, V-logger, model or beauty enthusiast can become part of the Novex click.

Novex believes in staying true to our word on products. Therefore, having real people test them out and approve to what actually works on their hair is pivotal to our beliefs. Joining the bloggers partner program will allow everyday people with hair struggles or just bloggers who enjoy trying different products and comparing, to use Novex Hair Care and reveal the truths about why and how Novex products help define your hair.

Joining our team is super easy. All you have to do is go to our home page and click the Bloggers Partner Program profile to begin the first steps. We ask questions about your hair and what you are looking for as in style, texture, etc. so we can send you the right shampoo, conditioner, or mask to test out if our specific product is the right one for you and your hair. For example, if you tell us your hair is damaged, lost shine and smoothness, and is in need of nourishment, we will send your our Coconut Oil products; specifically the Novex Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.  Give this product about a week or two to piece your hair back together with the vitamins it needs and as the weeks go by, record the process of the deep hair mask.

Not only is this partnership beneficial to us because it allows Novex to see true results by bloggers, but it’s beneficial to you as well. Bloggers will get to experience the process your hair goes through from damaged to reaching a healthy state and have a better knowledge on what treats your mane best. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to gain more of a following you hope for by having the possibility of being featured on our social media accounts, telling loyal customers the fun facts about Novex Hair Care products.

All we want is to let real people with real hair problems get some real results! So if you or anyone you know is interested in giving Novex a chance, send them over to our website and we will be more than happy to get your blogger partnership started! I’ll make it easy for you, click here to see view the page and questionnaire.

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