Best Heat Protection Spray – New Product Alert!


It’s a new month and the first couple of weeks of summer so why not gift our favorite humans (Novex customers) with a new product alert!?

The Novex Brazilian Keratin Thermal Protector Styling Spray Leave In may be the best heat protection product EVER. Get ready because I am about to drown you in all of its benefits so much that you’ll actually remember the entire name of the product.  This thermal protectant spray comes packaged in a small bottle efficient with 10 different benefits. It’s as if whatever greater power in the universe has heard my prayers and stuffed all of my problems into one 3.4 fl ounce bottle.

About the Best Heat Protection Spray

Enough excitement, lets get into what the magic is all about. The Keratin Thermal Protector spray was produced with the highest technology to control multiple hair- problems us ladies face daily. For one, the leave in spray controls frizz and is enriched with the most genuine Brazilian Keratin, as all of our keratin products are. Brazilian Keratin Hair therapy is essential for your hair especially if you’re going for the straight style. Keratin is already naturally embedded in your hair and the treatments work by smoothing out the hair’s surface without breaking the hair bond.

Novex’s newest baby is suggested for customers who love hot iron tools as well for a few reasons. We all know hot tools are our hair’s enemy but it’s a total love hate relationship and we’re stuck together forever. So how do we deal with it? By creating magic in a bottle like the Brazilian Keratin Thermal Protectant Spray. Our spray is recommended to be used prior to applying hot tools onto your locks. Although it is used as a protected sealer, the leave in spray is applied for repairing your hair from any damage already done by curling irons, blow dryers, and even from hair color. Coloring our hair is another love/hate relationship we dabble with and love too much to cut ties from the chemicals. That’s where the spray comes to the rescue again!

Some people are hesitant when it comes to using multiple products in one on their hair because they think it will wind up leaving our doo style-less and no volume. Some hair gels, leave in sprays and hair sprays weigh hair down, eliminating the point of these hair style products. With our newest spray, a few dashes and it leaves your style with amazing shine, weightless and incredibly smooth results.

Here is a complete list of what the Novex Brazilian Keratin Styling Spray Leave In will help your hair accomplish:

  • Frizz Control
  • Detangles Hair
  • Adds Incredible Shine
  • Protects From Heat
  • Prevents Split Ends
  • Smooth Hair
  • Repairs Damage
  • Protects Hair Color
  • Leaves Hair Soft and Feasible
  • Long Lasting Effect

This list and more information on our new gal can be found right at Ulta Beauty. Click me to purchase it now at Ulta Beauty!


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