Summer Hair Care Tips


It is officially the first week of summer and we can be nothing but over joyed! Piña Coladas on the beach, sitting out at restaurant patios, and overall enjoying the fine weather. But that fine weather pays a price after a while to our fragile hair. It’s important to protect your hair from the sun’s strong rays to prevent it from drying, frying, and changing colors accidentally. Yes vitamin C can actually be good for you, but beauty is always in the eye of the be-holder and in this case that beholder is the mirror who will gladly tell you if you’re having a bad hair day. So avoid any self-embarrassment from flat and frizzy hair caused by the sun. This is why we’re providing you with some fun/easy summer tips on protecting and styling your hair in the summer so you can enjoy that piña colada with no hair worries.

Summer Hair Care Tips:  #1 – Condition, condition, condition!

This is the easiest and first step to maintaining a healthy hair diet in the summer since we are already accustomed to conditioning our hair in our normal cleanse. Conditioner is to your hair how water is to our body; pivotal! Hair must be replenished with moisture to keep healthy. If you’re like me and dry shampoo has just become that all-time lazy-girl-wash, don’t forget to add some dry conditioner on the ends of your hair to rehydrate them.

Summer Hair Care Tips:  #2 – Break Time

All a girl wants is a nice blow out with killer volume or that beautiful straight flowing hair. Well sometimes, it’s not what the girl wants; it’s what the hair needs so give it a break! Summer season is the best time to give your locks a time out from doing all the work and allow it’s natural texture to take control. Allow your hair to flow naturally with no blow-outs or hot iron tools. Salty beach water naturally styles your hair and you won’t have to do anything to it. Braids are super cute for the summer to avoid frizzy down hair, make it easy on yourself and style your hair up!

Summer Hair Care Tips: #3 – Oil It Up!

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, oil is essential to keeping the scalp hydrated and healthy. Most people think adding oil will give your hair the greasy look we all hate but that is so false. For our ladies who’ve already dabbled with Novex’s Coconut, Argan, and Olive Oil product lines will vouch that these oily products don’t only make your hair look healthy and shiny but they are healthy for your scalp too; full of replenishments and vitamins to do the trick. Oils won’t build up or weigh hair down so they’re the perfect remedies to prevent completely flat hair in the summer heat.

Summer Hair Care Tips: #4 – Protect your Hair

We all know the damage the sun can do especially to hair color. When the sun, heat, and hair color mix, your hair will look dried up and turn colors. Start this summer off right by protecting your scalp as much as possible. The easiest way to do so is by adding a deep conditioning mask that acts as a protectant. Keratin treatments also help avoid sun damage due to its protein count.

Try out these tips for the summer and your hair will thank you!

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