Heat Protector Hairstyles


It’s August and the summer heat waves have the temperatures rising along with our hair! Everyone wants to look hot while staying cool. Keeping your hair up and away can definitely help beat the heat. Here are three, easy, heat protector hairstyles that will keep your hair looking good, and out of your way.


Hairstyle #1 – The High Bun


Thankfully, the high bun pineapple look is not going away! A high bun is the easiest thing to put together and the best example of anywhere, anytime hair. Using a fine tooth comb to make it look sleek, make a tall ponytail using a hair tie. Wrap your hair around, securing it with pins, slicking the fly away hairs with coconut oil, or your favorite pomade. For a messy bun look, secure your hair on top without combing, and wrap it around, then leave some wisps of hair around your face to help frame it. Side note: The high bun is also a great way to deep condition your hair on the go! Wash your hair and leave a deep conditioner, coconut, or hot oil treatment before styling your bun and no one will know!


Hairstyle #2 – The Sleek Pony Tail


Like the high bun, the sleek pony tail is a style that can be taken any where. A slicked back pony has been seen on the red carpet as well as the runway, and looks incredibly chic for everyday. Using a course hair brush, smooth all of the hair back, and slick the bottom part above the nape of your neck before tying it up. For a night out, take a piece of the pony tail and wrap it around the hair tie, tucking the end of that piece with a pin. Side note: This style is perfect for those days when you don’t want to shampoo or go through too much styling. Want another look? Braid your pony tail, which looks just as stylish and can also be wrapped in a bun!


Hairstyle #3 – The Natural Hair Look


Embracing your natural beauty is always a good thing! Whether you have naturally straight, wavy, tight or loose curls, air drying your hair to its natural texture is a summer style that looks good and is good for your hair! When washing, use a shampoo, or co-wash if you have dry and damaged hair. Next, condition your hair and detangle it, removing all excess water by towel drying it (using a t-shirt is best for curls!). Before letting it air dry, add the product of your choice according to your hair. A sea salt spray adds soft beach waves on straight to wavy hair. A leave-in conditioner or smoothing cream defines waves and curls to keep away frizz. Side note: To keep hair away from the face, take some pieces and pin them back.

These styles could be worn to the beach, the office, or on the weekend, all giving off a cool hair vibe that will have you feeling fresh all summer long! Which hair style will you choose to help you stay sweat and frizz free?

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