Is Novex considered kids hair products ?


If you have ever taken a look at our products on our website, you will notice that each one of them will say “indicated for all hair types”. People of all ages from kids, tweens, teens and adults have all kinds of hair. Frizzy, too thin, too thick, too dry, too dull, and the list goes on. At a certain age our hair is more vulnerable to damage due to weather changes or hair products that pollute our mane. So how do we fix our hair problems? Running to the drug store for your typical over the counter kids hair products may start to not only damage your hair, but damage your wallet too.  Novex products make it possible for adults and even kids to prevent damage or replenish already harmed hair.

Your hair is usually the first thing someone notices when they see you for the first time and your children are a reflection of you. So why not keep up the good hair genes? With a variety of kids hair products to assist whatever drama your hair has been building up, Novex has one for each kind. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Brazilian Keratin which is a well known and popular product in Brazil, Argan Oil and Bamboo Sprout. Novex is child proof meaning it can be used on their hair. So why not show your kids what good hair products are all about from an early age? The only way to teach them quality is by starting off young.

There are an outstanding amount of benefits to using our specific products on children’s hair. For example our argan oil products are great for children considering Argan Oil naturally is filled with nourishment that promotes a healthy shine. Argan Oil is meant to replenish dry and brittle hair and result with a soft shine. With all the running around your children are doing, it’s easy for their locks to lose that shine after a day in the mud.

Novex Olive Oil products are filled with Vitamin E and Olive Oil, duh, that result in naturally cleaned, moisturized, soft and extra shiny hair. I remember as a kid my mother always adding Olive Oil to my hair after a normal cleanse. With Novex kids hair products, it’s easier since we have a whole line to do the work for you during the rinse! Shampoo, conditioner, and even leave in conditioner that will work wonders if you put some in before your kids plays outside under the sun. This will keep their natural hair color from changing since leave in conditioner’s are equipped with a protective barrier to keep out damaging agents.

Coconut Oil is the must have beauty and hair product, so why not share the joy with your little one? Coconut Oil is filled with antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It makes a great tamer for children with rowdy hair and is great with curly hair! You know us Novex gals love those curls.

Teach the kids from a young age the importance of hair quality with all of the Novex brands! Your kids will be thankin’ ya

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