Coconut Oil for your Hair – Have you tried it yet?


Coconut Oil for your hair? Most of the world has jumped on the healthy bandwagon, it’s about time, and people are going coco for coconut oil. Why wouldn’t they though? It really is great for everything; skin, lips, cooking, and obviously what we at Novex specialize in, hair.  Coconut oil is a natural protectant for hair against damage, moisturizes the scalp, and even functions as sunscreen.

Novex Coconut Oil is here!

Our coconut oil comes in plenty of forms. As our loyal customers know, we provide all the essentials per product such as shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners, and hair masks. Here’s why our newest baby is extra special…

Straight from Brazil, our Coconut oil is enriched with vitamin E specially formed to revive dry, rebellious and frizzy hair all while keeping its natural moisture. Our coconut oil products are made to prolong the smoothness and straight hair effect with its high concentration of elements that makes hair stronger and resistant to external agents. Everything you’ve been searching for right?

Here’s the info you’re dying to know about our Coconut Oil products!

The Novex Coconut Oil Shampoo is recommended for all hair but our ladies with damaged and undisciplined hair will be happy to know this product is especially for you plus it’s salt free! Adding the Novex Coconut Oil Conditioner is a must. Conditioner at the end of all hair washes helps tremendously and the coconut oil conditioner adds an extra glossy shine to your hair.

For extra damaged hair, or those who just enjoy giving your main a little extra love… the Novex Coconut Oil Deep Hair Mask is an excellent product. The intense deep treatment repair for undisciplined hair helps give back the strength your hair follicles need to restore shine and smoothness to any type of damaged hair. It’s enriched with the purest coconut oil and vitamin E as well as a pH3.5. All you need to do is set aside a solid 20 to 30 minutes to let the deep treatment do its thang. In the mean time, catch up on that book with all the dust on it you’ve been meaning to read.

More Coconut Oil for your hair …

Lastly, our Novex Coconut Oil Leave in Conditioner is filled with all the necessary nutrients, which will provide straight, silky and nourished hair. The coconut oil is mixed formula is different from the other products listed above since it creates a protective coat on hair strands. This is great for those who find their hair to be knotty often since the protective coat leaves your locks detangled, nourished, and definitely with a glossy shine you’re looking for. The leave in conditioner is for all hair types, can be used as a detangler or thermal protector and best of all for our lazy days… no need to wash after applied! Wooo!

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