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Ever see those girls with the beautiful, bouncing, spiral curls and think how can I achieve that? Well for the straight-hair ladies, I think a serious perm will do but for the curly headed chicks, this blog is for you. A young lady, Suzy Hemelly, from Brazil recently posted a video to her Facebook profile demonstrating how she achieves her idolized volume and perfect spirals.  Guess which product she was using? Yes, obviously Novex! Her video gained over 11,000 shares, 47,000 likes and 4.3 million people have seen it.

The product she featured in the video is the Novex My Curls Super Curly Leave In Conditioner, which was only sold in Brazil up until Suzy’s video went viral. Due to the high demand for our product, we have decided to bring it to the USA. Exciting news, I know!

Allow me to introduce the Novex My Curls SUPER CURLY Leave in Conditioner 35oz/1kg – value size. This magic conditioning product is used to control and boost volume, and shape your curls to any style you wish. Contained with a mixture of Ojon oil, to make curls shiny and manageable and Monoi oil, to moisturize, repair and protect those, what will be, perfect spiral curls.

The Novex My Curls Leave in Conditioner is super easy to use to just give yourself enough time to style and part your hair as demonstrated like Suzy to achieve her voluminous bounce. Here’s a step by step for you to achieve the perfect twist.

  1. Before using the conditioning product, remove any excess water from the hair using a towel.
  2. Untangle the hair with a comb or brush starting from the tip to the root so you don’t damage any hair while brushing out knots or tangles.
  3. Spread the cream from the root to the tip such as Suzy does in her video (link provided below).
  4. Crunch the curls using your hands and hold each scrunch for three seconds to leave your curls looking the most defined.

Watch Suzy’s demonstration online clicking the link provided here!

You can check out more of Suzy’s perfect hair photos and her hair styling videos on her Facebook page: Suzy Hemelly.

The process only takes as long to style depending on how much hair you have. The good thing is, once your hair is ready there’s no need rinse out the product or to rewash the next day since the leave in conditioner is built with a strong hold. Just a touch up with a finger brush to shake up the curls and you’re ready to conquer the day.

The Novex My Curls Super Curly Leave In Conditioner is “the leave in conditioner everyone is talking about.” Plus it’s sulfate, salt and paraben free. YOU’RE WELCOME. Let us know how Novex My Curls Super Curly Leave In Conditioner has changed your hair!

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