Mother’s Day: Novex wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is one of Novex’s favorite holidays. We are all about empowering women and their natural beauty. Who better to look for encouragement, natural beauty, and independence than to our mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, sister, or even a wonderful friend who’s always had that motherly instinct and your best interest? Today is the day we celebrate YOU! That woman that fills you with motivation, yells at you to get off the couch and get a job, and even tells you how beautiful you are when you really want the truth, all you mom… and Novex is here to thank you. Oh plus, we must thank mom for our wonderful hair, even if it is from dad’s side of the family. But nobody has to know that.

The reason I mention other women besides mothers is because the special day isn’t specifically for biological mothers, but it’s a day to honor motherhood. Nurturing, caring, and raising someone is one of the greatest blessings a woman can give and receive. One of the many reasons Novex exists is because we believe in empowering all women, just like your motherly figure does for you, or yourself does for someone else. Yes, we are a hair care company, but we believe when you look good with healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle, you feel great too! It’s one of the many commandments in life… at least in hair world it is.

Just like motherhood, Novex’s president and founder, Itamar Serpa, has a passion for life, “I love to see and understand women in each transformation and stage of their life.” His dream turned into Novex to help women all around the world reach their ultimate dream and show off their natural beauty. This special celebratory day is everything we stand for and today, we want to give it back to you, our wonderful clients and powerful mother figures.

Some people believe many holidays have become too commercialized for companies to make a great profit by buying special jewels, gifts and going to restaurants. But honestly, there’s no better way to honor someone than making them smile, whether it is with a fun brunch (who doesn’t like mimosas?) or providing them with a gift that you believe is most thoughtful. Since our products are for all types of hair, why not give the gift of replenishment?

This week we’re offering a Mother’s Day special with 15% off your entire order. After all, without our lovely ladies, there would be no Novex. Here’s our way of saying thank you and Happy Mother’s Day. Check out all of our products on our page and use the coupon code NOVEXMOTHERSDAY.

-Novex, xox

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