Brazilian Hair Products are taking over!


This week, Novex is extra excited because we are officially announcing our product expansion to Canada! Canada is not that far, so we wondered why it took us so long to hop the border and share the Novex love. Through our mother-brand, Embelleze, we’ve been able to export our products in more than 37 countries and now Canada is hopping on board (finally). This isn’t only good news for the brand itself, but for our loyal customers as well who have friends, family, or Instagram peeps in other countries because our product comes in multiple languages; English, Spanish, German, and French.

So share the word with your friends around the world and let them see for themselves how Novex hair care will embrace their locks. Here’s a quick trip through our products, which each have a specific tactic and purpose. P.S. our products are for all hair types and are each equipped with shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and deep conditioning hair masks. For our professional stylists, we have a line for you too under Novex Professional.

Novex Argan Oil is specifically formulized to add a silky look and assist with frizz control. This product is different because it’s filled with moisture and natural antioxidants to fight off any harmful fragments from your hair ultimately resulting with no more split ends, frizz or dry and dull hair.

Novex Bamboo Sprout was developed specifically for hair strength and growth. It’s enriched with amino acids, minerals and vitamins A, B, and C for hair that’s calling for an extra boost.

Novex Coconut Oil is the perfect commodity for reviving dry, rebellious hair and fight off frizz.

Novex My Curls are duh… to hydrate, shine, and provide nutrients to your curls. Novex mixed together all the best products to create the Novex My Curls line; Olive, Argan, Ojon, Monoi, Coconut, Shea Butter and Moringa.

Novex Olive Oil specializes in moisturizing and protection. Olive oil treats dry hair and will provide an all day shine to your mane.

If you’re looking for a Brazilian Keratin treatment from home, look no further. Novex Brazilian Keratin is Brazil’s most popular at home treatment with a handful of products to assist your hair in any way. We provide everything for keratin for replenishing, protectants, and styling.

For our ladies that yearn for extra keratin products, Novex is here for you. The Novex Keratin product provides a Thermal Protector Styling Spray Leave In (coming soon) and is the ultimate product with 10 benefits. Your hair will thank you.  Better yet, washing your hair after applying isn’t needed… dreams do come true. The list doesn’t stop there… I told you our Keratin treatment is the best! Check out more here!

Check out all of our latest products on our page and find the Canadian line here. Welcome aboard Canada!

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