Say Goodbye to Hair breakage & Split ends!

Hair breakage & Split ends?

Avoiding hair breakage or split ends can be almost as difficult as avoiding coffee in the morning. Brushing our hair using our fingertips, messy buns and hot iron tools are inevitable to use and unfortunately some of the biggest culprits of  hair breakage and split ends. Why am I blasting you with all of this negativity may you ask? Because I’m about to shed some heavy light on you with answers on how these little devils can actually be avoided.

For one, Novex hair care is all about revamping damaged hair and maintaining healthy locks. Therefore, many of our products can help if you have fallen victim to hair breakage/ split ends.

First and foremost, checking for split ends is important because once it is very damaged; it can be difficult to repair depending on the severity. A split end is when your hair is split into one or two strands at the tip.

If your hair is experiencing more tangles than usual while brushing the ends, it’s possible that split ends have entered the building. White spot tips may form at the end of hair strands also. There are many variations such as Y splits, feather splits, or more than two splits. You can always ask your hairdresser too to be sure.

Avoiding split ends can be easy if you treat your hair properly. Try using the Novex Argan Oil products through out these steps. It’s specifically formulated for silk and frizz control. The natural antioxidant is filled with Vitamin E that fights off harmful residue of your hair.

Try these steps and watch your hair have less breakage & NO split ends!

  1. Always brush your hair before showering if you plan on getting it wet. Brushing the strands before they hit the water minimizes knots and prevents hair breakage. Use the Novex Argan Oil Shampoo towards the crown of your head and lightly massage the scalp keeping your hair straight, not all folded up.
  2. It’s important to condition your hair especially when there’s breakage. Lots of the Argan Oil Conditioner and Argan Oil Leave-In after conditioner is essential. The lubricated formula helps protect your hair from damage that causes split ends, plus your hair will be super silky and soft. Try rinsing with cold water. If possible, avoid tying your hair in a towel afterwards. It’s best not to brush through hair when it’s soaking wet. Let the conditioner do its job and later comb out the strands.
  3. Remember to trim your hair at least every six to eight weeks. That way a hairdresser can catch any damage before it worsens. If you do have split ends, allow he or she to cut about 1 ½ inches above the split ends.
  4. It seems impossible, especially for our curly haired ladies, but try to keep away from hot tools. Yes, they make us look extra fabulous but they totally damage hair and well… cause split ends. Try experimenting without the hot tools with rollers, mousse or styling gel, or you can be super bold and let it air dry. I know, it’s like the ultimate worse nightmare for a girl.

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