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This one is for my curly headed chicks. Since we all know curls are just as beautiful as they are difficult to manage, I thought I’d give the ladies some insight on how to repair those beautiful twists. Often times, people with curly hair use products that over time actually damage the look you love.  Special locks call for special care with enough moisture because curls tend to be drier than other types of hair. Curly hair the becomes damaged due to lack of proper care or essentials can cause split ends or single stranded knots, which we all know to be a nightmare. DON’T let your hair become that nightmare.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for my curly headed friends on how to manage your locks and then repair. First we’ll start off with the Don’ts so you can stress first about everything you’ve been doing. Later we’ll get to the Do’s to relieve that stress because we’ve got the answers and it’s THAT simple!

Natural Curls Don’ts:

  • Use hair products that contain harmful alcohols such as drying alcohols.
  • Check hair product bottles for any elements that are drying alcohols in hairspray, mouse, gels, and conditioners.
  • Try avoiding a blow drier. Instead let your mane air dry so you can really embrace those natural swirls. Heat on any type of hair, especially curly since I mentioned earlier is the easiest to obtain dry ends, will cause damage.
  • Avoid hair dye as much as possible. This too easily dries out the scalp.


Natural Curls Do’s:

  • Wash your hair every other day but save the shampoo for every other wash. Shampoo actually dries out the hair. Conditioner will revamp the curls. Once you massage it onto your hair, let it sit and comb out the tangles with a wide tooth comb.
    • Novex has it’s own Novex My Curls line for situations like these. Each product is filled with the mix of seven Nutri Functional Oils and Cranberry that will provide your mane with strength and nourishment. The My Curls Shampoo is salt free so no need to worry about drying your hair out with us!
    • Novex My Curls Conditioner uses the same method and penetrates deep into the hair fiber to provide the curls with more hydration, nutrition and powerful anti frizz action.


  • It is important to provide your curls with a powerful deep conditioning product and leave in conditioner. Both of these are highly recommendable at Novex for hydrating, shining, and softening your curls.
    • We all know how deep conditioners work and the best part about them is killing two birds with one stone, not literally. We are cruelty free! What I mean by that is let it moisturize your mane and sit for about 30 minutes. Enough time to get all your stuff done that you didn’t do before this because we are women and we procrastinate.
    • Rinse out and apply the Novex My Curls Leave in Conditioner to help define the shape of the curl.


Style as you please but remember stay away from blow dries if possible!

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