Embelleze: International Women’s Day


March 8th is one of Novex’s favorite days of the year because it is a day of recognition for women all over the world; International Women’s Day. Our main focus is to make women feel and know how beautiful they are and there’s no other day to celebrate more than today. Being a woman can be best described as independent, strong, and will powered. I know my Novex ladies are nodding their heads right now. It is the one-day of the year across the globe where all women can relate to their strength and weaknesses. But today we are not focusing on weaknesses, only the capability of improving and strengthening women’s confidence and natural beauty and here’s why… lets check out some Novex history!

CEO and founder of Novex Hair Care, Itmar Serpa, had a passion to emphasize a woman’s beauty and full potential. Through his luxury line of hair products, he loved to see and understand women through out their progression in life.

Embelleze, a Brazilian hair care company is the mother brand of Novex. International Women’s Day is particularly special to us because on March 8th, 1969, Embelleze was established in Rio De Janeiro. According to Embelleze, women are the gate of life, full of dreams and through natural beauty, identity is born (got that right). If that’s not inspirational then I don’t know what is. Embelleze along with Novex understand the power of women and that’s why they have created such natural hair products to help strengthen, replenish, and grow hair in a very healthy, natural way, as graceful to the life of a woman. All of the Novex products are made with argan oil, bamboo, olive oil, Brazilian keratin, and Moroccan oils.

Since the Brazilian company’s establishment in 1969, Embelleze and its subsidiaries distribute to over 23 million consumers in more than 30 countries around the world. Cheers to that!

Embelleze believes in promoting the importance of women to the development of mankind, through beauty. Therefore, International Women’s Day is a great deal of importance to us and we want you to celebrate with us! Amplify your beauty by changing up your daily hairdo today and taking a risk. If you’re a ponytail kind of chic, try letting it lose for a change and vise versa. Throw in a purple ribbon in your hair to celebrate your womanhood. Why purple? Purple, white and green were the original colors recognized as symbols of women’s struggle. Purple was officially chosen because it stands for justice and dignity, directly relating to women’s equality. And how unexpected that the creator of Novex is a man? That’s how far women have come throughout history and full of respect that men too want to glorify our beauty and being.

Stand out and be proud on International Women’s Day!


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