No Worries!  Guilt Free and Cruelty Free Hair Products

Cruelty Free Hair Products

Lately, we at Novex has been getting a lot of questions and concerns about cruelty free hair products and if Novex is considered cruelty free. Our wonderful and potential costumers will be happy to know that we DO NOT do any testing on animals. The importance of this is substantial as we take pride of our manufacturing morals of Novex hair products.

Here are some reasons animal testing is not done in our company. According to DoSometing.Org, over 100 million animals are hurt every year, from being burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in a United States lab. Even animals that are protected under the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) may be abused and tortured. The law doesn’t require the use of valid alternatives, even if they are available, to animals. Plus, 92% of experimental drugs that test safely and effectively for animals tend to fail during human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or futile. Although Europe is the world’s largest cosmetic market, they including Israel and India have already banned animal testing for cosmetics along with the sale and import of any new beauty products tested on animals. The word is getting out to make a change and Novex is standing behind it!

If you’re wondering how companies ensure cosmetic safety if animals aren’t used for testing, there are plenty of other options! For one instance, companies such as Novex, can create their products by using thousands of ingredients that have a long history of safe use. Novex uses vitamins, Brazilian keratin, argan oil, olive oil, bamboo sprout, and Moroccan oils for manufacturing. It is important to make our customers feel assured that they are using a safe and healthy product. Testing cosmetics on animals doesn’t always mean it’s okay for humans to use the product. Different species may respond differently when they are exposed to the same product. Aside from using well known ingredients, companies may use existing non-animal tests or if they are able to, invest and create alternatives for non-animal testing with new ingredients.

Here at Novex we make it significant for our customers to be overly joyed and feel beautiful with our services, which replenish and maintain healthy, happy hair. Testing our products on animals would be contradicting our sole purpose of the company.  Just like the CEO and founder of Novex, Itamar Serpa says, “I have a passion for life” and “ I want to create something they can feel loyal to…” in regards to his customers. It feels great knowing when you are using Novex you are guilt free for using cruelty free hair products. According to the Humane Society of the United States, Brazil requires some, but not all cosmetics be tested on animals. Although Serpa is a Brazilian native and Novex is a Brazilian based cosmetic, we still stand by our word as cruelty free.


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