Novex Contest: Have You Ever Embraced Your Natural Beauty?


Have you ever had a time where you felt so strongly about embracing your natural beauty? The definition of natural beauty can be tricky. It’s not always about the glam, but about being a strong, empowering woman. If you feel you fit this title, which many of our customers do, we have some great news for all of our hair loving ladies!


Novex is officially holding a contest the Novex Embrace your Natural Beauty. We are all about making our customers and ladies around the globe feel special about themselves and what better way than embracing that natural beauty? The winner will receive a $250.00 cash prize and $250.00 worth in Novex products… I think I’ll apply if the Novex products are the prize, (kidding). Best part of the contest is the winner will have a chance to be apart of a Novex photo shoot with possibility of being featured on the Novex website, posters, catalogs and all over our social media!


Here’s the catch. In order to participate you must be either a beauty blogger or model. You must be able to shoot on a weekday and the shoot will be held in the NY/NJ metro area. Women can submit from any location but the winner is required to provide her own transportation. Lastly, a form is to be submitted by February 28th, 2016, which will let us here at Novex know a time where your embraced your Natural Beauty!


How are we choosing our lucky lady? Novex Brand Ambassador, the beautiful, Lauren Wood will chose a winner on March 1st. From there we will provide a definite shoot date. You can find Lauren on Instagram, @Lolowood_ to check out which products she has used before on her golden locks.

Best of luck to all of our contestants. You are all beauties!


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