Snow Day:  Hair Care Day!

Snow Day:  Hair Care Day!

When we were kids, during a snow day was a time to eat like a maniac, go outside and build a snowman that would never come alive. Now when we’re stuck in the house, what’s better than prepping ourselves for the next day? Before the Spring season, take advantage of a full snow day by replenishing and styling your hair so you’re ready to conquer the world tomorrow!


Here at Novex, we know especially how hard it is for our curly headed girls to maintain their beautiful spiral locks and for the frizzy hair to keep calm during bad weather. As usual, we’re here to help with some simple directions for you to follow. If you’re looking to straighten your hair with redefining products and assure your tress is happy and healthy, follow along. No excuses, remember it’s a “snow day” so put the chocolate chip cookie down and pick up a brush!


Start off by washing your hair with the Novex Olive Oil Shampoo. Our Olive Oil Shampoo’s formulated, like all of our shampoos, to moisturize and restore each strand with a deep cleanse. It’s enriched with Vitamin E and can you guess? Olive oil… You’ll find your tress moisturized, shiny and soft. Now the difference of washing your hair with our Olive Oil Shampoo as opposed to a normal cleanse are its benefits. Olive oil holds the essentials your hair needs for protection and below is every reason why you’ll want to try it out.


  • Olive oil is known to coat the damaged outer layers of your hair leaving it shiny and healthier.
  • It is a natural moisturizer, meaning it’s a dandruff treatment. Dandruff happens when the scalp is dry causing our worst nightmare, white flakes throughout our hair! This happens a lot during the cold seasons, making this snow day a perfect time to test out the olive oil shampoo treatment.
  • Olive oil moisturizes brittle ends and can help maintain the frizz on split ends.
  • Your hair will be shiny and softer in no time!


Once you’re finished with this step, apply a Brazilian Keratin Mask to your mane. A snow day is the perfect time to apply a mask since it can take up some time. This formula will help restore soft hair and damaged hair. Coat your hair for 30 minutes or longer so the keratin and seep into your mane.


Wash out the Brazilian Keratin Mask and follow up with Blindagem Argan Oil, our leave in conditioner. This specific leave in conditioner has a heat protector sealing treatment that builds a barrier to minimize hair damage caused by constant heat from blow dryers and irons, hair coloring, and excessive humidity. Plus, it helps control frizz. Why wouldn’t you want this stuff?


The final step is yours to choose but we would suggest blow-drying. For the wavy haired ladies, follow up with a flat iron since your hair is fresh and ready for styling! Remember our products are for all types of hair!

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