Oily hair ?  How to fight it


Oily hair can be placed in two categories, our best friend, or worst enemy.  But when it comes to hair, we are all aware that we have natural oils embedded in our roots and too much washing can get rid of those oils that we need. On the other hand, sometimes our roots contain oil that gives our once fresh looking frame, a greasy, unwanted style.

Luckily for you, we have some helpful tips that can keep those oily roots away from the surface of your mane, and even if you are already suffering from the greasy style, we have some information for you to get your locks back to it’s normal shine and texture.

To fix a problem, you must know where it came from. So step one is what I’d like to call, “Figuring it Out”. Most of the time, what causes an oily scalp is too much sebum, which provides a layer of protection that is important to keep the scalp from losing moisture and drying out.  Too much of this can make the scalp and hair greasy and furthermore lead to dandruff and outbreaks. Sometimes it can also be simply from washing your hair too often. It is actually better to give your scalp a break and wash your hair every other day or every couple of days, this way you won’t wash out all of the natural oils that keep your healthy looking hair in tact.

Some ways to prevent an oily scalp is by using an anti-dandruff shampoo. It’s important to lather your hair instead of rough washing and rinse well. Leaving cleansing products on the scalp can also dry it out and eventually cause the greasy, no-no look. Be sure to keep in mind, using a lot of styling gels and shine products tend to weigh hair down and can contribute to getting that look we all hate!

Oily scalps are super common but with the right treatments, prevention and product, it’s also super simple to fix! There are tremendous at home remedies but if you don’t feel like getting into all of that (I don’t blame you) then Novex obviously has the right products for you.

If you’re suffering from the “no-no” look then try out our Novex Bamboo Sprout Shampoo. This magical product was specifically made for replenishment of strength and intense growth with Bamboo Sprout vitamin. It’s also salt free which is essential to a greasy scalp considering salt is one factor that dries out the hair and causes grease. After using the Bamboo Sprout Shampoo, your hair will be nourished with glossy shine.

Another Novex alternative is trying out one of our favorite and most wanted products, the Novex Brazilian Keratin Styling Spray. We love to brag about our Brazilian Keratin Products because we are the top selling in Brazil! The styling spray has 10 different benefits in this small compact bottle for all hair types. It has a weightless touch, which is pivotal to greasy scalps and will leave your hair shining!


Try out these tips and watch your grease disappear!


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Kenya Santos

Kenya Santos

I’m trying to buy the bamboo sprout collection.
Is it discontinued?

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