Post Summer Hair Care Tips

“Summer time, the tan lines will fade away, but the memories won’t…”

And sadly the sun damage, the chlorine from the pools and all the pollution from every festival we went, will be reflected in our beautiful hair.  Summer is over and Fall makes a grand entrance, but with all the beauty of it, the new fashion trends and all the beautiful colors of the season, we ask ourselves; what should I do with all the summer damage done to my hair?

Post Summer Hair Care Tip #1




Find a conditioner with high proteins concentration and natural ingredients. Some conditioners have a high concentration of alcohol and other chemical ingredients, that eventually will retain the moisture and will not help you accomplish hair goals. Choose a specific moisturizer or conditioner for your hair type needs.

Post Summer Hair Care Tip #2

Trim it!



Split ends are the main problem after all the summer fun. Try new Fall trends and go to the Hair Dresser to trim the split ends as soon as possible or the damage can be worst. Don’t be shy and try a new hair cut or simply do the trimming routine.

Post Summer Hair Care Tip #3

Deep Conditioning Hair Masks

Deep Conditioning Hair Masks


Hair masks are amazing at repairing all the hair damage. You can buy a deep conditioning hair mask or you can make your own at home with natural ingredients. There’s a lot of Novex deep conditioning hair masks that you can try. Trust me, your hair will feel softer and shinier more that ever after a hair mask. Some of the most popular hair mask includes avocado, coconut oil and fruits. Have some fun and try a deep conditioner hair mask of your own.

Post Summer Hair Care Tip #4

Avoid the heat

Avoid Heat


Embrace your natural hair. Try to avoid heat, blower, iron and curlers. After washing your hair, let it dry naturally, so you don’t have to apply as much as the regular heat, that you apply when your hair is wet right out of the shower.

Your hair is like I say, is the first impression that the world notices about you, so take good care of it. Follow all the above suggestions and I will guarantee you that you will be looking like a girl on a hair commercial. (On fleek!) Do you have any other suggestions for treating your hair after the summer heat? Just share them below!

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