Spring to Summer: Curly Hair Care Routine

Spring to Summer: Curly Hair Care Routine

The rain goes away, the sun shines brighter, the weather gets hotter. Summer is here, and you know what that means! It’s time to let those curls shine! Let the surf in the beach, vibes by the pool and swims in the lake begin. The sea is calling with beautiful waves, salty breezes and its sandy shore. Pool parties are diving into the season making everyone happy and ready to transform into social butterflies. With all this fun nothing could go wrong, everything seems like a blast.

Until, you find a mirror and see your hair! Humidity, chlorine, salt water and hot temperatures are slowly ripping the moisture off your hair. Your luscious, well defined curls are no longer as luscious and instead seem more frizzy and dull. But do not worry, Novex Hair Care has you covered!

Here are some of our great products for curly hair summer must haves:

Step 1) Wash, Wash

coconut oil shampoo and conditioner bottlesShampoo and conditioner are the first step to a good curly hair care routine. They are one of the keys to maintaining beautiful, healthy curly hair. They play an enormous role in nourishing, strengthening and elongating the hair’s health. Therefore, getting the best should not be an option but the ONLY option. Our favorite curly hair shampoo and conditioner duo have to be hands down the Novex Coconut Oil shampoo and conditioner.

Our Coconut Oil shampoo and conditioner are enriched with only the purest coconut oil from Brazil and infused with hair mega food, vitamin E. Coconut oil is filled with vitamins and fatty acids that promote moisture and nutrition to curly hair. Vitamin E nourishes damaged hair, strengthening and promoting softness to curly hair. These rich ingredients work amazing at combating frizz and providing curly hair the moisture it craves.

Step 2) Pampering

mystic black conditioner bottles Curly hair needs lots of TLC (tender love and care) to stay beautiful and alive. A fantastic way to keep those curls nice and tight is by using products that will strengthen and nourish them. Our favorite product and what we consider the top curly hair product is Novex Mystic Black Deep Conditioning Mask.

This mask is infused with Baobab Oil, also known as a super hair food! Baobab Oil is a rich oil filled with many nutrients and vitamins, including, vitamins A, E and F and sterols. Vitamin A, E and F are all known for promoting healthy hair growth and repairing damaged and neglected hair. Sterols work as an effective hair treatment as well as reducing hair damage. Overall these vitamins and nutrients are an amazing healing mix for neglected curly hair.

Step 3) Maintenance

my curls shampoo bottles Once you start something it is always important to maintain it. An amazing way to maintain you curls looking fabulous is by restoring moisture. One of our top curly hair products would be the My Curls Memorizer Leave-In Conditioners. We love our My Curls Memorizer Leave-In Conditioners because it offers hair moisture for curly hair. We have three different leave in conditioner levels; My Curls Soft, My Curls Original and My Curls Intense. We believe they are the best leave in conditioners for curly hair.

The My Curls Memorizer Leave-In Conditioners provides curly hair immense softness, hydration and frizz control. Its formula contains a mix of 7 Nutri functional Oils including Cranberry which bring supplementary hydration, nutrition and help to define the shape of the curl. These incredible these leave ins work as the best products for dry, frizzy curly hair. They are a most in any curly hair care routine!

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